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The Pro-Sheriff is for the Clients of the Sheriff Office and the Sheriff Offices

We have been involved in the administration of the sheriff office for more than 25 years, we've seen the short falls and needs of the everyday administration. We've worked in the field with the deputies to see their duties and processes that need to be followed.

Pro-Sheriff Suite is a complete software solution to handle the administration in a South African Sheriff's Office.

The Pro-Sheriff Suite is developed in a world class environment with stability, ease of use and user friendliness the key factors.

The Pro-Sheriff Suite makes use of thin/client technology and connects to the reliable MySQL RDBMS. MySQL is the world's most popular open source database. MySQL's reliability and scalability is of it's best values. The database runs on Microsoft platforms and Linux server. The nature of MySQL makes it more affordable.

There are NO license fees, per workstation or per user licensing required. You only pay for the features what you use, the usage fee is related to the number of documents in the office to accommodate the smaller offices as well (terms and conditions apply). There are NO installation fees, it can all be done remotely(depending on the size and requirements of the Sheriff's office). It can be installed on your current infrastructure, depending on you needs. This usage fee includes remote support at no extra cost(terms and conditions apply).

The Pro-Sheriff Software Suite will handle your :
  • Registrations
  • Returns
  • Invoicing
  • Clients
  • Trust Accounts
  • Document tracking in and out of the office
  • Document progress
  • Accounts(debtors)
  • Reports on document statuses
  • Reports on user activities
  • Client notifications
  • Cost saving on client communications
  • Integration into Pastel Accounting
  • Cost savings on your Trust auditing
  • Real time inquiries by your Clients 24/7

What do you get with the Pro-Sheriff Suite ?
All of the above features and more in your administrations suite plus:
- FREE support for the Pro-Sheriff Suite.
- FREE Updates and Upgrades.
- A world class, secure offsite, backup solution for your Pro-Sheriff data and other data that is important.
- Email and faxing from the system (to save time and money.
- Domain and email hosting.
- Website hosting and a template design for sheriff to advertise their auctions.
- A complete Fax send and receive solution.

All this included in your monthly service fee. (we manage your office and monitor the services, you concentrate on your business)

For a demonstration please contact us

Optional Extra through our reliable partners :
Anti-Virus protection on all workstations and servers.
At the server level we can provide and maintain the server environment with backup power, lightning/surge protection for a complete server experience.
We can also supply and maintain your workstations and other infrastructures.
Monitoring of your hardware/software performance and usage, of your workstations are also available(pre-emptive management).

To recap - we can support your complete office or in coexistence with your own support personnel.


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