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To all the new sheriffs
You don't have to buy our software, you only pay for the functions that you use, it is directly linked to you income, we know there are lots of expenses to start a new office and the software that manage your office
don't have to be a burden for you.
We supply internet to your office.(and the infrastructure)
We provide email, website hosting and a website template for you.
We provide backup to secure your data.
FREE support on the Pro-Sheriff system.
We monitor all these services so you don't have to check your backups etc.
This is all included in our package FREE to make sure that your office is efficient, professional and productive.

Online Client Inquiry System

We are pleased to announce that the online client enquiry system is finally available to the clients of the sheriff offices that make use of the Pro-Sheriff Administration Software Suite.
{1 August 2011}
What is this Online Client Inquiry system ?
It is an online portal where the clients of sheriff offices, that make use of the Pro-Sheriff suite software to manage there office administration, can login and get the status of services on the documents that the Sheriff processed.
There they can see the return that was generated by the sheriff's office and the manner it was handled.
This portal is available 24/7, so the clients don't have to phone the sheriff's office any more with these inquiries.
The clients can do it any hour of the day and don't have to wait until office hours to get feedback.
This will save the sheriff clients lots of time in man hours and it will save on telephone bills as well.
  • NO installation fees
  • NO upgrade fees
  • It can be used anywhere you have internet access, even on your cellphone
  • NO training required
  • Can be used on multiple devices
  • Unlimited inquiries
  • Unlimited documents/returns
  • Real time inquiries 24/7

The current version of Pro-Sheriff Suite was released in the last quarter of 2010.

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